Ubuntu Touch – The Top Linux Operating System for Android Phones

XFone Oneplus

In November 2022, Linux For Devices wrote that Ubuntu Touch was the top operating system for Android Phones that run Linux. The other two were Lineage OS and Postmarket OS. In their article they also talk about the UBPorts Installer and how this is used to convert an Android phone into a Linux Phone. Interestingly, this video on a 30 day test of a Linux Phone used a Pixel3A. This was also the first model for the XFone.

Anyone who still has a Pixel3A and would like it converted into an XFone can using our recoding process.

This is something that we studied for a long time at XFone Mobile. We have run Ubuntu Linux for our software business for more than 10 years. Ubuntu is a highly competitive Linux distribution that is widely used by desktop users and especially in the server market.

For this reason we selected Ubuntu Touch for our particular line of Linux Phones. This gives our customers solid out of the box compatibility with their desktop and servers running Linux.

Before anyone moves to attempting to make their own Linux device using the standard Ubuntu Touch installation, they should check for the level of support for the device, which is not always 100%.

At XFone Mobile, we focus on specific devices that we support and our customers should expect that 100% of the device feature will work.

Linux For Devices states that LineageOS is a bug free operating system. We think that could be a bit of a stretch. While it is true that Linux operating systems have far fewer bugs than Windows, we think that having commercial cybersecurity features available with your product is a must. Issue trackers for LineageOS found there were a number of bugs reported. This is why we feature BlackBerry security as part of the XFone product line. This is standard for all SageTea Edge products and can be added as a field upgrade for XFone users.

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