What makes XFone different?

Open Source Software

Open Source software is free – yes, but, no one is in charge exactly. When it comes to business, open source doesn’t always have everything you need and when you need it. Sometimes there are gaps in open source which aren’t guaranteed to be fixed. Until XFone came along, linux phone users were left with the only option of just posting a plea for help on some user forum and hoping for an answer. The right answer.

That would be acceptable if you are doing a science project or tinkering.  If you are a business professional – unacceptable. At XFone Mobile, we know that just isn’t good enough when it comes to business. To solve that, we add Professional Services and business software.  This makes XFone into a full business solution that works like a mobile computer. This is its Edge.


With XFone you get all the benefits of open source, backed by a professional software company that knows what they are doing.

XFone solves real business problems which are left by typical open source products. It has an improved version of Ubuntu Touch and it’s optimized for business. Ours has kernel level updates.

These make docker and yacht run. XFone comes with more Professional Services  for mobile Linux than you can get from anyone else.

We include warranty, cloud, backup. You get software services.

Other Linux Phones are made by hardware manufacturers. Hardware companies don’t do business software. Not like we do. We do charge for our Professional Services. If you are used to free software, the operating system on the XFone is open source.

You can do what you want with it. Think of our Professional Services as the place you go when you really need a solution.

One you can depend on for your business. If we can’t solve it, you don’t pay. XFone has SageTea Software. No other Linux Phone has this.

Run Low Code on Linux using XFone. Compare this with other Linux Phones. You won’t find it.


The mobile phone industry is a major contributor to e-waste. This is a worldwide problem. In Canada , there are 3.2 old unused cellphones in every household. We made XFone Go Green.

XFone uses Certified Pre Owned hardware. We start with a standard Pixel 3A chassis. Then it gets interesting. We add our improved Halium image. This makes the product and hardware last much longer. It is now a green technology. Every new XFone prevents a CPO phone from becoming e-waste. Instead, we add Linux and fresh business software. The phone is reborn as a brand new product – with higher performance than before. Made for business. Made for Linux.

A really good phone, regardless of the operating system, must have everything.

We test and certify selected Android apps for XFone. XFone has a SIM. XFone makes phone calls. No credit card needed for phone plans. Or bring your own SIM.

We are not stopping with just Docker support.

Add all this up and you see the benefit of choosing XFone. We are a software company that makes phones. More than just a manufacturer. XFone has the Edge over all other Linux Phones. It’s green. It works.

Order your XFone Today.