New Era of Linux Phones – Our Story And Expertise

New Era of Linux Phones - Our Story And Expertise

The Edge of Liberty: Incorporating Linux Phones into Everything We Do.

XFone is a global Linux phone. Unlocked for international use with any carrier worldwide. For our Canadian customers, we offer Public Mobile sim cards backed by the Telus (all rights reserved) network.

XFone is the world's first Linux device to run Docker, Yacht, and Android simultaneously. Our team is proud to equip users with such a powerful combination of tools providing a competitive Edge.


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The boxes of revolutionary Linux phones

What's our secret? Great people and Linux phones.

With XFone you get all the benefits of open source, backed by a professional software company that knows what they are doing.

XFone's highly skilled team is always available to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on providing world-class support. Our Profesional Services division offers tailor-made solutions to businesses of all sizes across any industry. Whether you are a small company or a multinational organization we are here to provide time and cost savings while adding value to your business processes.

XFone solves real business problems. It has an improved version of Ubuntu Touch and it’s optimized for business. XFone technologies have integrated kernel-level updates allowing full control of the hardware thereby bypassing any bugs related to Android. These make docker and yacht run. This is proprietary to XFone Technologies giving you a fully functioning Linux phone.

XFone gives you access to a full suite of Professional Services for mobile Linux. Think of our Professional Services as the place you go when you really need a customized solution. Reach out to our team and we will develop a plan that will exceed your expectations whatever your budget may be. Other Linux phones are made by hardware manufacturers. Hardware companies do not do business software. Not like we do. XFone Technologies is a resource you can depend on for your business. If we can’t solve it, it's Free. XFone is proud to offer SageTea Software. No other Linux Phone has this.

If you are used to free software, the operating system on the XFone is open source. You can do what you want to do with it. Compare this with other Linux Phones. You won’t find it.

We include low code, warranty, cloud, and backup.

What makes XFone different?

Open Source Software for Linux Phones​

Open Source software is free – yes, but, no one is in charge exactly. When it comes to business, open source doesn’t always have everything you need and when you need it. Sometimes there are gaps in open source that aren’t guaranteed to be fixed. Until XFone came along, Linux phone users were left with the only option of just posting a plea for help on user forums and hoping for an answer. The right answer. That would be acceptable if you are doing a science project or tinkering. If you are a business professional – unacceptable. At XFone Mobile, we know that just isn’t good enough when it comes to business. To solve that, we add Professional Services and business software. This makes XFone a full business solution that works like a mobile computer. This is its Edge.


David Long CEO of Xfone linux phones

David Long, B.Sc Comp Math

Chief Executive Officer
A business leader with 20 years of experience in ICT. Past background includes design of software architectures, project management.
Neil Williams vp of Xfone linux phones

Neil Williams, BA, MBA

VP Professional Services
International and domestic consulting experience, combined with diverse clientele supported by a disciplined educational background.

Our values

The Edge of Liberty

Edge. The outside limit of an object, area, or surface; is a place or part farthest away from the center of something. Like the outside limit, one finds in themselves, in that place among the competition, in that moment in history where the pinnacle is reached.

It’s the proverbial final turn of the race, where all the training, hard work, equipment, and testing – all come together for someone. The Edge is that special place where all that one has now met the track.

At that moment, they say that one can find their Edge. It’s that special compliment given only to those who have gone to their outside limit, done the hard work, and now use their Edge to win.

Edges have been used throughout history to make heroes, liberate from slavery and bring freedom. We work on them the night before the battle. Edges are what we make and sharpen.

As we picture our foe.

We make Edges through instinct, driven by a message from our ancestors who tell us – to be ready for battle. Have something better. Special. Make it ready. Use it well.

This is why we work through the night. We take all our fears, desires, and talents, and focus them into sharp Edges. Refining them as the inevitable dawn approaches.

We make Edges because we know that when the time comes, having the Edge can make the difference between winning and losing.

The Edge is about willing to be different, and in just the right way – when the moment of competition comes.

And so, we are not afraid of standing out from the others. We actually strive for that.

During serious competition, having just the same as your opponent gives you no advantage.

Being just the same is no use when one is outnumbered, outgunned, and in a weak position. When our customers are like this, we consider it the greatest honor to provide them with an Edge.

It’s in those moments where the time spent on refining their unique Edge, customizing it – leads them to win. Leads to liberation. That quality of mind they’ll only get by overcoming and winning. Our Edges are made for this kind of person.

This is why we make products that are different. We are giving them that Edge, customized. To give them an advantage.

The Edge of Liberty. It’s in everything we do. It’s how we do it.

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