XFone Pro

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As a bonus, you’ll get $50/per month off SageTea Edge.


XFone Pro is our newest XFone. It is based on a re-coded Redmi Note 8. The original Android operating system is completely removed. We replace it with Ubuntu Touch Linux along with driver improvements. XFone Pro is faster than the standard XFone, and is able to run an external SD Card. XFone Pro supports MMS Messaging, Standard Phone Calls, Wireless Networking and can run Android apps using Anbox. XFone Pro also comes with our new XFone Tool, a built in Linux app which can configure the phone to run Waydroid, Docker, Yacht and Shinobi CCTV. XFone Pro is recommended for Enterprise applications such as CCTV monitoring, remote monitoring and iOT applications for business. XFone Pro is able to run SageTea Cloud and SageTea Applications on the device along with ARM64 software.


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