Quick Start

XFone is a new Linux based mobile phone. It works like a regular smart phone and has additional
features designed for Linux users. Using Linux, XFone can run a wide range of software and works like a
computer. Demonstration models come with a Public Mobile SIM and phone number. XFone uses the
Ubuntu Touch operating system. Ensure the XFone is fully charged up before you start using it. You
swipe from the right to left to get to the toolbar. Swiping is generally how you move apps around on the
touch screen. You will see your Wifi, Mobile and battery status levels in the bar at the top of the screen.
The toolbar on the left is where you find and launch your apps. The standard ones are a web browser,
email, photos, Camera and Open Store. You can get to System Settings by clicking the Gear symbol on
the toolbar or the Orange Icon at the bottom left.

  1. System Settings – You’ll want to get your XFone setup to use Wifi. Also pair with any Bluetooth
    Devices (such as headphones, speakers or your vehicle). For cellular settings, you may need to
    input the Public Mobile APN settings when you are using the XFone for the first time. These are
    found here:
  2. For Linux users, a key feature is the Linux Terminal. Click the Orange Button on the toolbar from
    the main screen, then click Terminal. Enter the passcode 0000 to get in. This is also your PIN for
    the XFone. Type sudo su and enter 0000 again and you have root access. Obviously be careful at
    this stage as you now have full access to the XFone operating system.
  3. XFone will work well with a USB mouse and keyboard. If you do this we recommend using a USB
    hub with Power Delivery so that the XFone can maintain its power level while you are using a
    mouse and keyboard. If you are using the Linux Terminal, you’ll find quickly that having a mouse
    and keyboard is desirable so you can work quickly. We also recommend setting up SSH access to
    the XFone. This lets you work with it like it is a remote Linux server. The best method is to use
    passwordless SSH. The instructions for that are here:
  4. We now support Docker. So if you have software packaged this way and want to run it on an
    XFone, let us know and we can assist with this configuration.
  5. XFone has Open Store for loading additional apps for customizing your XFone. Click on the A
    icon on the toolbar from the main screen to find these. We recommend installing the Pure Maps
    GPS app, Telegram for group texting and the UT Tweak Tool for customizing your XFone. Feel
    free to add any others that you find useful. If you have any specific Android (APK) files it may be
    possible to run them on the XFone.