The Edge of Liberty

Edge. The outside limit of an object, area, or surface; a place or part farthest away from the center of something. Like the outside limit one finds in themself, in that place among the competition, in that moment in history where the pinnacle is reached.

Its the proverbial final turn of the race, where all the training, hard work, equipment, testing – all come together for someone. The Edge is that special place where all that one has now meets the track.

In that moment, they say that one can find their Edge. Its that special compliment given only to those who have gone to their outside limit, done the hard work, and now use their Edge to win.

Edges have been used through history to make heroes, liberate from slavery and bring freedom. We work on them in the night before battle. Edges are what we make and sharpen.

As we picture our foe.

We make Edges through instinct, driven by a message from our ancestors who tell us – be ready for battle. Have something better. Special. Make it ready. Use it well.

This is why we work through the night. We take all our fears, desires and talents, and focus them into sharp Edges. Refining them as the inevitable dawn approaches.

We make Edges because we know that when the time comes, having the Edge can make the difference between winning and losing.

The Edge is about willing to be different, and in just the right way – when the moment of competition comes.

And so, we are not afraid of standing out from the others. We actually strive for that.

During serious competition, having just the same as your opponent gives you no advantage.

Being just the same is no use when one is outnumbered, outgunned and in a weak position. When our customers are like this, we consider it the greatest honor to provide them with an Edge.

Its in those moments where the time spent on refining their unique Edge, customizing it – leads them to winning. Leads to liberation. That quality of mind they’ll only get by overcoming and winning. Our Edges are made for this kind of person.

This is why we make products that are different. We are giving them that Edge, customized. To give them the advantage.

The Edge of Liberty. Its in everything we do. Its how we do it.